3G Pitch Rules

The playing surface is a 3g pitch and the following rules apply :

  • No person will be permitted on to the pitch surface without the correct footwear under any circumstances. This applies to Players, Managers, Coaching Staff, Physios & match officials.
  • The correct footwear is Football Boots with either moulded studs or screw in studs ONLY, please note metal studs are not allowed.
  • The following footwear is NOT permissible: Trainers, Blades or Astro turf boots or any flat soled shoes. Any person not in the correct footwear WILL NOT be permitted to enter the pitch area, this is also applicable to management/coaching staff.
  • Please ensure you take all belongings when leaving the pitch including empty drinking bottles and any other rubbish.
  • Eating any kind of food and chewing of gum on the pitch area is strictly prohibited and will result in you being asked to leave the pitch.


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